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Sunday Worship.   From the casual fellowship prior to the prelude through to the benediction, Trinity United Methodist Church offers the best of traditional worship for contemporary Christians. Congregational songs and prayers, scripture and sermon,  and children's messages are all a part of the service.   Children of all ages are certainly welcome, though we do provide childcare . Children will also enjoy bags containing activity sheets and coloring pages given out during children’s time.

Holy Communion, also known as the Lord's Supper,  is served the first Sunday of each month.  In the United Methodist Church, you do not need to be a member to participate in this sacrament --- Holy Communion is open to all people who love Christ.  At Trinity United Methodist Church, we serve by  going to the altar rail or by "intinction" -- the pastor will give you a piece of bread,  you will then dip it into grape juice in the chalice.  Afterwards, you may wish to kneel at the prayer rail or return to your seat.  Those preferring Communion where seated will be served by the pastor.  If you do not wish to participate, simply remain seated. 

Through Baptism, we accept God's gifts through Jesus. There are three methods used for baptism by United Methodists, although sprinkling water on the head of the person being baptized is most common.   Please contact our pastor if you would like more information about baptism at Trinity United Methodist.
Weddings at Trinity United Methodist Church

Yes, it is certainly possible to hold your wedding service at TrinityUnited Methodist -- both members and non-members.

We do think that it is important for the couple to be connected to a church family --- either Trinity United Methodist, or another church.   If you are not, our pastor, Rev. Loletuth Kalz, will meet with you prior to your wedding service, and will encourage you to become a part of our fellowship.  

Call us at (859) 261-4010, or e-mail the church, at [email protected] for information, application, and fees.

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(Contact us at least 6 months prior to your wedding.)
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