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As a congregation of The United Methodist Church, Trinity provides Christian weddings for couples that wish to solemnize their marriage in a service of Christian worship.

Christian marriage is a holy vocation from God. It is also a sacred covenant between a husband and wife, and between the couple and God, which reflects the covenant of Holy Baptism. The wedding service is designed to witness that this is a Christian marriage.

Both the words and actions of the Christian wedding consistently bespeak our belief that husband and wife are equal partners in Christian marriage and that they are entering into the marriage of their own volition. Those present are understood to be an active congregation rather than passive witnesses. They give their blessing to the couple and to the marriage, and they join in prayer and praise. (From The United Methodist Book of Worship, Copyright © 1992, The United Methodist Publishing House, p. 1150)

A. The following are helpful guidelines to assist you in planning your wedding day.

• The decision to conduct the wedding is the right and responsibility of the pastor, in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Kentucky and The United Methodist Church.

• Notify the pastor about your anticipated wedding and rehearsal dates as soon as possible and schedule an initial premarital interview. Contingent upon the pastor's decision, you will be provided with a form to complete and return which will reserve the church for your rehearsal, wedding, and reception (if applicable).

• Premarital counseling is required of all couples wishing to be married at Trinity UMC, usually in the form of 3 or 4 separate sessions.  Upon recommendation of the pastor, other premarital counseling resources may be required as needed.

• Other clergy will be allowed to conduct weddings or assume any other leadership roles in weddings at Trinity UMC only with the consent of the pastor.
WEDDING Procedures for Trinity United Methodist Church
• The services of a Trinity Wedding Hostess(es) are required for all weddings conducted in Trinity UMC. Your Wedding Hostess will assist you with your needs and questions. Please contact the wedding hostess as soon as possible after reserving the church. The fee for this service is listed in paragraph E of this procedure.

• You must make arrangements with the church pianist if you desire these services. Consult the church pianist as soon as possible after reserving the church to determine availability. The pianist will assist you in your selection of music appropriate for a Christian wedding. The right of first refusal for the organist/pianist is addressed under paragraph F.

• No church furniture will be removed from the Sanctuary or altered in any way. The Wedding Hostess will place altar furniture in such a way that normal movement of participants in the wedding ceremony will flow smoothly.

• If your wedding occurs during particular Christian seasons (i.e., Advent and Christmas, or Lent and Easter), the décor of the sanctuary, narthex, and exterior of the church must remain as is. Nothing will be moved or removed from the sanctuary without the pastor's and the wedding hostess' consent.

• No tacks, nails, or screws will be inserted into any part of the building or woodwork. No tape is to be used. Please check directly with the wedding hostess before installation.

• No tobacco products or alcoholic beverages will be used anywhere on the church premises (this includes both inside and outside).

• Guests will not use flash photography of any kind in the sanctuary during the wedding ceremony. This also applies to video recording. There should be a notation in the program that reminds all guests of this requirement.

o The use of rice or birdseed as the couple departs the wedding or reception is prohibited. Bubbles may be used outside the building only.

B. Flowers:

• Flowers, plants, or candelabra should be placed so as not to hide the altar. Additionally, there will be no flowers allowed on the piano or on the clavinova.

• As in all church decorating, everything should be arranged to direct attention toward the altar. No flowers, greenery, or decorations are to be used on the communion rail.
• Flowers from your wedding may be placed in the altar area or in the narthex for Sunday worship. Please notify the Wedding hostess if you choose this option.

• You are responsible for acquainting your florist with all the guidelines regarding plants and/or flowers in the church. The Wedding Hostess will be in the church two hours prior to the ceremony to accept floral delivery and set up.

C. Photographer and/or Videographer:

• It is essential that your photographer be familiar with all of these wedding guidelines, so that all photography will highlight instead of detract from the wedding.

• A wedding is a service of worship that requires reverence and the church sanctuary is a place of divine respect. This reverence and respect should be taken into account for all photography and videography. All pictures and associated actions should be reverent and tasteful.

• The photographer will not use flash photography during the wedding ceremony. There will be an opportunity either before or after the service for "staged" pictures.

D. Reception Guidelines:

• The primary duty of the Wedding Hostess is to be available to assist with any questions and/or situations that may arise; i.e., assist in locating/placing punch bowls and cups, adjusting the lighting, making sure that all doors are secured when all persons have vacated the building, etc.

• Decorations: It is the responsibility of the wedding party to set up and take down all decorations used for the wedding reception and to dispose of those items as necessary.

• Kitchen Responsibilities:
      - All dishes/utensils used must be washed and put away.
      - Stove, sinks, and counter tops must be clean.
      - Trash/garbage will be properly bagged and placed in the trash cans located between the gym and main building. .
      - No food or beverages are to be left in the kitchen or the League Room.
E. Wedding Fees:

*The smaller wedding and rehearsal fee for members is applicable only if the entire church is invited to the wedding service.  This would entail an announcement in the bulletin inviting the members of Trinity United Methodist Church to the service.  This does not necessarily mean they need to be invited to the reception.  Invitations to the reception can be done on an individual basis.

• A Member of Trinity United Methodist Church is defined as either the Bride or Groom (or the Parents of either) being confirmed, participating members of Trinity at the time of the actual wedding ceremony request. All others are defined as non-members.

• Wedding Hostess(es) are required per the number of people in the wedding party and/or the number of expected guests. This is necessary in order to ensure the logistics of the wedding and the flow of the actual ceremony:

        • 1 Hostess per 50 quests and/or 4 in the Bridal Party.
        • 2 Hostesses per 51 to 100 guests 5 to 7 in the Bridal Party
        • 3 Hostesses for anything over 101 quests and 8+ in the Bridal Party.

• Wedding Hostess(es) are only available for 3 hours (2 hours before the wedding and 1 hour after).  If the hostess will be needed for longer than this time frame, a charge of $10 an hour will be incurred.

A church reservation deposit is due at the time the church is reserved for the rehearsal and wedding dates and times. The reservation deposit is $50.00.
Trinity Members
Non- members
Wedding and Rehearsal (Sanctuary)
$250.00 or $125.00*
Wedding Hostess (es)   
$50.00ea.  (3 hours)
$50.00ea.   (3 hours)
Media Consultant (Projection Screen or Sound System Utilization)
Janitorial (Clean-Up)
Kitchen/Gym/League Room (Reception)
Pianist (Rehearsal & Wedding)
Pastor Honorarium
Discretion of Bride & Groom
All other fees are due and payable one week prior to your wedding date and should be delivered to the church office or presented to the appropriate individual.

F. Organist/Pianist Right Of First Refusal:
If a guest organist/pianist or instrumentalist(s) is requested to accompany a Trinity UMC wedding in place of the regular staff pianist, permission must be obtained from the regular staff pianist to ensure availability times for rehearsal and/or the ceremony.

G. Timeframe of Events:

  The Wedding Reservation deposit is payable immediately to secure your date on the church calendar.

  One month prior to ceremony:
        Have all special sheet music to church office for pianist
        Have all special readings or scripture submitted to the church office.

  One  week prior to ceremony:
        Deliver Marriage License and applicable fees to church office.
        Go over any final "ceremonial" changes with the Pastor.

  One hour prior to ceremony:
        All members of the wedding party at church.
        All decorations complete and flowers in place.
        All Sanctuary/Outside pictures completed
        Ushers ready to greet guests.

H. Points of Contact and Telephone Numbers:
  Pastor - Larry Karow - Church Office - 859-261-4010  Cell: (859) 757-5416
  Worship Committee Wedding Coordinator - Diane Yelton (Home) - 859-491-7859
  Worship Committee Chairperson - Maggie Tucker (Home) - 859-581-8825
  Pianist -Cheryl Koller (Home) - 859-341-7774
  Cleaning Service - Contact the church office (Katie Marx, Church Secretary: 859-261-4010)